Public Talks

Research does not happen in a vacuum, but impacts and is shaped by the worlds that surround it. Through speaking engagements, I seek to promote dialogue with public audiences, actively situating my work within the social and political contexts that inform it.

“El Mundo Zurdo: Food, Belonging and Community”. Workshop at the 2019 Imagining America National Gathering, Oct. 18-20, Albuquerque, NM.

This workshop, facilitated by two Public Active Graduate Education (PAGE) Co-Directors, seek to bring together attendees from diverse backgrounds to find commonalities and uniqueness through our connections to food. The smells, tastes, and colors of certain ingredients can transport us back to memories of place, of ancestors, of belonging. How can we continue to cultivate relationships that extend across space and time during moments of displacement, cultural rupture, or migration? Through interactive play, attendees will explore an array of
ingredients, drawing from their own experiences to link to memories, ways of knowing, and feelings of belonging. Food sovereignty, loosely defined, is the right to access and control over one’s own foodways. This workshop defines food sovereignty as the right to find comfort through foodways, creating spaces of community with meals that embrace solidarity through difference, honoring the value of individual histories. The workshop will conclude by having attendees contribute to the PAGE’s community Comfort Rebellion Cookbook, with recipes, art, poetry, or whatever form inspiration takes. Materials will be provided.

2019 Southern Festival of Books: Migration Narratives

This event is part of the PEN America “Borders and Belonging” Sessions at the 2019 Southern Festival of Books. Panelists include author Melisa Rivero, anthropologist Keitlyn Alcantara, Treveca student Berenice Oliva and Councilwoman Zulfat Suara.

In Conversation: Tandy Wilson, Erin Byers Murray and Keitlyn Alcantara

Join Tandy Wilson, Erin Byers Murray, Keitlyn Alcantara and moderator Rob DeHart for a conversation and Q&A about food, heritage and culture. Tandy Wilson is the chef at City House in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood and the recipient of the 2016 James Beard Award. Erin Byers Murray is an editor at Nashville Lifestyles magazine and author of the book Grits: A Cultural & Culinary Journey Through the South. Keitlyn Alcantara is a PhD candidate of Anthropological Bioarchaeology at Vanderbilt University and works with Sazon Nashville in teaching Hispanic heritage through food. Rob DeHart is curator of the Tennessee State Museum exhibition, Let’s Eat! Origins and Evolutions of Tennessee Food.

Watch the panel through an archive here:

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