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Through community collaborations, I emphasize the importance of interweaving academic and grassroots work to create impactful social change. I believe in challenging power hierarchies that value academic experts above community knowledge keepers, and consciously working to equitably meld academic research and community interests.

Sazón Nashville empowers local Middle School students to explore the experiences, memories, traditions, and identities that make them unique as a Nashville Latinx community.

PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) is Imagining America’s (IA) network for publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design. PAGE enhances the praxis and pedagogy of public scholarship


Our mission at Conexión Américas is to build a welcoming community and create opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute and succeed.

PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education)

The Comfort Rebellion Cookbook

This cookbook was dreamt up from within the isolation, low self esteem, and overwork that is Grad School – though it is intended for anyone who needs some encouraging words and recipes for comfort. A living document, I hope to watch this cookbook grow with new contributions as readers take a step back and allow themselves space for reflection, knowing that it is ok to slow down. There is a community out here that believes and supports intentional work – work based in the belief that caring for your own healing and needs will unleash the very best parts of you to share with the world. Tag us in your comfort journey at #thecomfortrebellion . You can download a free copy of the cookbook below, or send me a message in the “Contact Me” link for a physical copy.

Donations for printing and mailing costs accepted through Venmo @keitlyn-alcantara

In the workshop “El Mundo Zurdo: Food, Belonging, and Community” at Imagining America’s 2019 National Gathering, Albuquerque, participants followed the prompt:

“In what ways do you use food to find moments of peace and resilience? Going out for lunch with friends? Making a cup of hot cocoa? Turning to a family recipe? Think of one recipe that you could share with our community, to inspire a culture of care, coziness and joy.”

Recent additions

Sazon Nashville

Channel 5 – Nov 15 Sazon Nashville – News this Morning

I started cooking with Latinx middle schoolers three years ago, with a grant from The Curb Center at Vanderbilt and emotional support from then after school program director and magnificent friend Dennise Barrios. In year two, my sporadic cooking visits got a name, and further support from Conexion Americas. Almost exactly a year ago Justin Henderson helped design the logo and website, solidifying what up until then had felt like just a fun thing I did sometimes. Lory Rivera has been pivotal in keeping this work alive this year. This, above all, has been a project that grew because of the community that kept it (and me) afloat. Thank you NewsChannel 5 Nashville and Hanna Mcdonald for the beautiful coverage! Guest chef Lucia Rodenzo rocked it, and the students, as always, were pros.

Click here to see the news clip in full

 #foodactivism #foodasmemory #foodasmedicine #decolonizeyourdiet

Conexión Américas

2019 Hispanic Heritage Month Awards

taked from:

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates hard work, leadership, and community. Unsung heroes in Nashville, high school students, and trailblazers.

We presented our Orgullo Hispano, or Hispanic Pride, Award recognizing unsung heroes in our community: Latino adults or young people who have been persistently working to better their community.

Keitlyn Alcantra founded Sazón Nashville and we appreciate her work teaching Nashville’s youth to be proud of their culinary roots, and the work she does to build community through food.

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