Creative Writing

I believe in storytelling as a way to make sense of what we have lived and experienced. While my research is shaped by what I dream the future to be, I use creative writing to reflect on the past that shaped those dreams – the moments of hurt, of growth, of finding the spaces to exist in multifaceted splendor.

Betwixt and Between the Sexes in Bioarchaeology

Teaching about binary sexes inadvertently creates boxes for our students and ourselves.

Tamaleando en Tennessee

A food anthropologist looks back at a middle school program that helped her students celebrate the wide range of tamales across the Latinx food diaspora. As school leaders are deciding, how, when, or if to re-open, programs like these are on hold for now, but hopefully not forever.

Seasoning With Defiance

For us, food became a message of resistance, a way for us to take care of one another, and to empower one another to keep fighting in a world that wants us to quit.

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